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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Upon the night yet dark with
Fajr's misty light still distant
I sang the Adhan in a soul's deep cry
in thanks and joy to the Maker and Fashioner
in humble tones and lifted heart
alight on the words of Praise to Him.

My voice a window flung wide
to release upon the winds
the Call to Prayer
God's beckoning to the soul
for redemption in the arms
of a soul in search of
the Heart of God.

To the stillness of peace
gifted to the humbled flesh
made Light in the dawn
of the awakened self
seen clear in the hymn
of God's words meant more
for the inner ear it seems
than all the sleeping hearts
of the devoted and the lost.

A Call to Prayer and repentance
of none save the alone shaitan
that hides within
and incites to sin
from the sheltered sleep
of forgotten Mercies,
Love's whispered dreams
and soft caress forgotten
in the haste of life.

The true realm of self-love
is naught but Allah's desire
to fell our walls of hate and fear
that keep His Love at bay,
For the inner peace of a righteous soul
resides within the silent heart
of the quiet man with humbled sight
raised high above the crowded street
of false delights and worldly things.

A Call to God that leaves the lips
yet finds its rest in the soul of man
and brings one's gaze from out to in
to see the Love no voice can sing:
A song from Him that frees the dead
from the tombs of sin and death,
A lyric wind to dry the tears
that wet the Face of God,
A smile of peace to light our way
A hand of love to guide us through
An embrace of joy, a look from Him
to let us feel His Grace.

That we may know within ourselves
the freedom of our souls
at peace and rest in prayer to Him
in gratitude and joy,
A child's face, a gentle laugh,
in thanks to Him
for all the chains
we forge in greed and fear
He shows us how to free us from
our illusions far and near.

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