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Monday, June 16, 2014


Ni Hao. . .  For any fans out there of the cult Sci-Fi TV show "Firefly" (and its subsequent movie "Serenity" in 2005), here are links to (1) an online interactive Firefly-Serenity Crossword Puzzle I created, and (2) links to download the printable versions of the puzzle grid and the clues list.  "FF" stands for Firefly and "BDM" stands for Big Damn Movie, a shorthand term for "Serenity." If you've never seen Firefly or Serenity, you can watch them both at Or look on YouTube. Enjoy! 

(Also, see link at bottom of page to read my "Firefly" Filk -- lyrics inspired by FF sung to well-known songs. Or just keep scrolling down through my blog. You'll see it soon enough.)

Browser version:

Here are links to download Word-loadable versions. . . 

I did this using Eclipse Crossword program which you download free from

BONUS FUN: Link to my FF -inspired Filk: 
"Still Shiny After All These Years"

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