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Monday, July 2, 2012

JESUS vs SANTA [ Letter to the Editor ]

Regarding Mr. James Logan’s “Events overlooked” Dec. 30th letter decrying the front-page story on a Muslim convention held in Chino over Christmas weekend. . . Another contributor has already chronicled the front-page Christmas-related coverage from past years, so my point is two-fold. One: a newspaper’s job is to report the news – not just the stories some people may want to read on the pages they might prefer to read them on. And last I checked, the Daily Bulletin was not a “Christian” paper but a “news” paper. I salute them for reporting Inland Valley-related news with timely impartiality.  

Point two: Jesus (peace be upon him) was not even born on Dec. 25th anyway – that honor belongs to the Roman sun god Sol Invictus (along with dozens of other pagan gods) whom Christianity replaced with Jesus as the “son” God, setting his birthday on Dec. 25th to appease the Greeks and Romans once Pauline Christianity supplanted their beliefs to become the official state religion in the early 4th century AD under Constantine. (Look it up at

For proof from the Bible, go to the New Testament book of Luke, chapter 2 verse 8, where it says that Jesus (pbuh) was born at the time when shepherds stay outside with their flocks at night, which is up to late August or September, after which time it gets too cold. The Holy Quran corroborates this in a different way in verses 24-27 of chapter 19, “Maryam,” which details how Mary gave birth to Jesus by the trunk of a date-palm tree, and how she was told by an angel to shake the palm tree to make fresh, ripe dates fall down for her to eat. Dates ripen twice a year in Judea, one time being from late August to September. Not in December. 

Perhaps if Christians spent more time telling their kids about Jesus instead of lying to them about a fat white guy in a red suit whose flying reindeer pull a sleigh full of presents for every Christian kid on the planet (which he delivers all in one night) then maybe -- just maybe – their kids might actually associate Christmas with Jesus in some meaningful, spiritual way instead of waiting impatiently for the fat white guy to show up with their stuff.

Is it any wonder that when children are old enough to realize they’ve been lied to about one part of the Christmas “story” they are less and less inclined to believe in the other, religious part? And let’s face it, in the miracles dept., Jesus did all his crowd-wowing 2,000 years ago. But Santa? He’s a perennial, on the job year after year -- and truly “god-like” because he knows when you’re asleep or awake and if you’ve been naughty or nice. Plus, he’s got that never-empty bag of toys going for him. And for the coup de grace, you can see Santa in the flesh and even talk to him in any mall from after Thanksgiving right up until Christmas eve. Why, even NORAD tracks his progress on the big delivery night, fielding tens of thousands of calls from sleepless kids – and you know you can always trust the government to tell you the truth, right?

You would think this kind of idolatrous brainwashing that increasingly replaces Jesus with Santa for the sole purpose of stoking the fires of Christmas consumerism would be more than enough to motivate Christians to do something to save their own holiday from spiritual extinction, but no. To put icing on the cake, this year some churches, under pressure from their congregations, decided to not have Sunday worship services because it would conflict with the “family time” of parishioners opening presents on Christmas Day. Yes, that’s right. Santa trumps Jesus once again. Some churches were closed on the one day reserved for celebrating the birth of Jesus because it got in the way of the birthday party for Jesus.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Mr. Logan for reminding readers that Ahmadi Muslims are the ones who believe the Second Coming of Jesus has already occurred – that, more than a century ago, he came like a thief in the night. To learn more, contact the Baitul Hameed Mosque at 909-627-2252 or go online to or for more information. And the next time Christmas rolls around and you are feeling a bit underwhelmed by all the crass commercialism and absence of true spirituality in your holiday season, or if your church is closed on Jesus’ big day, don’t worry. The Ahmadiyya mosque in Chino on Ramona Ave. is open seven days a week, with five congregational prayers daily. Seekers of truth and lovers of God are always welcome.
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Created: 01/19/2012
Re: "Jesus vs. Santa," Jan. 12

A Muslim writes a letter to the editor of a newspaper pointing out errors in the beliefs and practices of Christians, makes a broad generalization connecting the traditions of Santa Claus to Christian parents, and accuses them of brainwashing and practicing idolatry on a path to spiritual extinction. And the newspaper is irresponsible enough to print it.

Can you imagine the repercussions if a Christian wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper (and it was printed) pointing out the errors in the beliefs and practices of Muslims, making broad generalizations about Muslims, and accused them of lifestyle practices that are contrary to their religion. Of course a responsible newspaper would not print it. The Daily Bulletin should not have printed the letter.

I don't recommend anyone writing letters criticizing the religion of others or accusing them of not being true to their religion. If you do, though, lay off the "fat white guy in the red suit." He is not a religion. Read the most famous newspaper editorial of all time, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."

Rancho Cucamonga

My Jan. 20th Daily Bulletin response Letter (as yet – and will probably remain -- unpublished):

As the author of the Jan. 12th "Jesus vs. Santa" letter, I am amazed at how people can make statements about my words which are not supported by my words at all. I do not attack the doctrinal beliefs or religious practices of Christians. No Bible or church doctrine prescribes giving presents on Jesus' supposed birthday. "Christmas" comes from the words "Christ's Mass" -- a devoutly religious observance by the Catholic Church honoring the birth of Jesus (peace be upon him) where no presents are handed out.

The point (#2) I raise that Jesus was not born on Dec. 25th is provably true -- I even cite the New Testament (Luke 2:8) as evidence. I in no way demean Christianity, Christians or honoring Jesus' birthday. It is those who perpetuate Santa-itis who do that. My point was (I thought) pretty straight-forward: it is Christian parents who tell their kids Santa is a real person, so it is fair to hold them accountable for the later consequences of lying to their kids about him.

As for someone criticizing Muslim beliefs and practices, first you would have to show a similar pagan corruption of Islamic beliefs and practices so you could decry them. This would mean you have to study Islamic beliefs (go to to start) which is fine with me. You won't find any Islamic version of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny connected to the two holidays (Eids) in Islam; the one after Ramadhan and the one after the Hajj or Pilgrimage. And speaking of the Easter Bunny, it seems most Christians don't have a problem with the Easter Bunny, either, yet it's the same thing as Santa -- a pagan belief (in this case, the Norse fertility Goddess Euster) corrupting another Christian holiday (i.e., Holy Day).

The writer of the letter "Irresponsible" ends with the admonishment to “leave the fat white guy in the red suit out of it. He's not a religion." I totally agree. I'm not the one who puts Santa alongside Jesus every Christmas. (And they chastise me and the Daily Bulletin for pointing it out.) And so far, not one letter from a Christian addressing the points I actually make and their veracity. Why is that? You can shoot the messenger but that doesn’t change the facts of the message.

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