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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

LINKS TO DOWNLOAD: Op-Eds & Press Releases, AMC ads, Salat (Muslim Prayer) audio files, "Understanding Islam" Radio Shows, Sufi Books, Tabligh Materials, Books of Promised Messiah

M.A.Ghaffar’s Shared Folder Links to access Files & Items

OP-ED PIECES & other writing by M.A.Ghaffar

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Newspaper Ads + Tabligh Brochures

Salat + Fatiha-Baqara v1-8 + 87-114 WAV & MP3 files (Promised Messiah Prayers not included)

Setup EXE's - [PC-based programs for graphic design, audio editing, free anti-virus / malware / spyware removal, maintaining & cleaning PC registry, etc. Most are available at:]

Tabligh-related articles for Da'een education (includes 5-vol. Eng. + 1-vol. Eng. commentary Qurans + Sher Ali Quran + many books by PM & others in PDF form)

“Understanding Islam” KCAA 1050-AM radio show scripts – PDFs

“Understanding Islam” KCAA 1050-AM Radio Show 32-kbs MP3 audio files

“Understanding Islam” KSPA 1510-AM radio show 32-kbs MP3 audio files

Sufi Books (Ibn Arabi, Imam Ghazzali, Hafiz, et al)

Books of the Imam Mahdi & Promised Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (English)

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